Moving in

We’re here! In Vermont, in our new home. After three long days of driving in two separate vehicles with the cats crying at us about how we ruined their lives forever by sticking them in these little boxes.

It’s gorgeous. In the morning the sun comes up over a mountain, and the winter light filters through a tall stand of pines. You can hear the brook when you step out the front door.

There’s also a lot of work to be done. The house hasn’t been lived in for a bit and so, even though all the mechanicals are working properly (including the hot water, thank God) it needs a thorough deep cleaning. There are mouse nests to clear out and mouse poop to wash off nearly every flat surface. Lots of dusting, too, and sweeping, and going over all the cupboards and counters with a sanitizing solution.

The internet just got hooked up, and we have to buy a mailbox because this house doesn’t have one. After that the post office can start delivering our mail and we can order stuff online again.

It’s sort of like being in a hotel, because most of our belongings are still in transit. We only have the necessities we packed in the van and the car. And the house is still so empty and strange.

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