The House

This is the house in Vermont we’ve made an offer on. It has passed its home, water, and septic inspections and the only thing that remains is for us to pay the rest of the money, get our stuff packed, hook up utilities, shut off current utilities . . . well, there’s a lot of stuff still to do. But none of it is a potential dealbreaker, which is why I’m finally posting the baby pictures.

The exterior needs to be repainted, and the floors refinished. There’s some other work that needs to be done, but nothing a couple hardworking handy ladies can’t take care of. Yes, that’s a stream running beside the house. It’s a duplex and has two kitchens, lots of bedrooms. Lots of room for friends, so we hope everyone plans to come visit Vermont in the next couple years!

7 thoughts on “The House”

    1. This was one of Ruth’s top prospects when we started house hunting. I wasn’t sold on it until we saw it in person, but it really does have character. Evidently the original house was designed by an artist.

  1. As a former flooring contractor, I see the amazing potential in those wood floors! Old growth wide planks. There aren’t trees like that anymore. A wood burning stove in the kitchen and that cool light fixture in the great room. Looks like amazing times ahead in that home! Sad to see you leave us but excited for your future!

    1. I do love wood floors and these ones, though needing some TLC, are great! In another part of the house there is wood flooring painted sage green. Evidently painted rather than stained wood floors are classically New England.

  2. I hope there’s some good fishing that stream and I know you all will be happy in what looks like a beautiful house I would love to see it it looks like one you would see in a movie like a Hallmark movie or something like that congratulations

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